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How does interacting with others effect our sence of community?


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Data Collected So Far
  • 1. If people stop interacting, what do you think will happen?
  • - The interactions between people is what creates community
  • - Without it we jeopardize friendships, classroom communities
  • - Eventually the world as we know it would change
  • - Without interactions people would be lonely and very isolated

  • 2. How does cooperating with others make a task easier? What about working alone?
  • - Makes things more enjoyable and we are bales to utilize each other’s strengths to complement our own development
  • - Co-operating with others also forces us to open up to other and meet new people

  • 3. How does your interactions with others improve your relationships? How could it break relationships?
  • - We can express our feelings, are able to share bonds and form relationships with our peers
  • - If we perform and act of kindness we can further improve our relationships
  • - And act of dis respect or unkindness can harm relationships

  • 4. How important is communicating with others?
  • - Communication is how we express feelings, thoughts, needs, wants, and emotions
  • - We are able to respond to interactions and learn about the world around us.
  • -We share views
  • -communication is the foundation of our society

  • 5. Positive interactions benefit our community/ negative interactions don’t.

  • 6. Interacting the others in a bad way may make them do the same thing to you.

  • 7. When you interact with others, they will interact with others making a chain.

  • 8. We can plants gardens to make the community cleaner and nicer.

  • 9. The people you know can help you out with anything.

  • 10. It helps improves/destroys our social skills and reputation.

  • 11. Learning new things from the ways you interact.

  • 12. It makes us have fun.


Our Journey

What we first did!

First we started off with our question. We asked ourselves "What were we going to ask the students teachers and other members of our community?". We thought a question specifically about our community would be perfect, so we decided to use the question "how does communicating with others effect our sence of community?"

Then, we went right to work. We got our pencils and markers and some paper, we started to brain-storm how we should get people to answer our questions and we thought as much ways as we can to spread our question around the community. Then we thought the internet would be perfect. Kyle and Thomas went to go make a website (Alessandra didnt because she didnt know how to code).

As we built the website alessandra surveyed teachers in our school. We soon began to work really well together and we were able to collect some very useful data. As we neared the end of our student inquiry project everything seemed to fall into place. We had a perfect website a powerpoint and a very well put together bristol baord displaying all that we have done. We hope you enjoy our project as much as we loved putting it together.

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